BraQIIIT Summer of Code 2022

We are hosting the 2022 BraQIIIT Summer of Code between 03 June 2022 and 31 July 2022. The program aims to introduce students to Qiskit and get a hands-on learning of quantum computing and its nuances. During the BSoC, the candidates will undergo a two week bootstrapping period with lectures on introduction to basic and advanced Qiskit. For the remainder of BSoC, the students will be divided into teams and be involved in various projects revolving around implemeting various quantum algorithms and testing them in simulators and actual quantum computers. This will be done under the mentorship of Qiskit advocates and the members of BraQIIIT.

Thank you all for the overwhelming response. The registration for the event is now closed.


  • The candidate must be a student of IIIT-D.
  • Interest in exploring quantum computing.
  • Experience in programming languages such as C, C++, Python are strongly recommended. Knowledge of Julia is an advantage but not necessary.
  • Knowledge on the baics of quantum computing is desirable.

Program Timeline

02 Jun Registration Deadline
06 Jun - 18 Jun Introduction to Qiskit
18 Jun - 07 Jul Phase I
08 Jul - 09 Jul Mid-term Review
08 Jul - 30 Jul Phase II
01 Aug Final Project Presentation


  • Sagnik Chatterjee
  • Tharrmashastha SAPV
  • Bhagesh Gaur
  • (Advised by)

  • Dr.Debajyoti Bera


Selected Students

Team 1

  • Akshansh Jaiswal
  • Jaskaran Singh
  • Pratyush Kumar

Team 2

  • Anindya Prithvi
  • Apoorva Arya

Team 1

  • Subhanshu Bansal
  • Vignesh Goswami